Criminal Case Hack Coins and Exp

Video Tutorial How To Use Criminal Case hack Coins and Exp

Below Is Criminal Case Coins and Exp Online Tools:

How To Get Signature
Instructions on how to get signature
  • Open game on Facebook
  • Then right click on game frame and choose "view frame source"
  • on Keyboard click (ctrl+f) you will see a bar fill with "signature"
  • It will be something like this "1a9f7d974d70739d6923ccd4bf05d363"
Like this :
Input Form Must Valid Data

In one click "Submit" you will get 20 Exp and 100 Coins. You can click as many times as you want in one loading, it's when you have a lot of energy. One click submit requires 5 energy.

Code by : Mohamed Belal

Result Column